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Welcome to the K-Family website. These pages present news and history about the Aakhus, Bahr, Buchanan, Danner, Easton, Howe, Knudson, Larson, Pond, Thompson, Wilkinson families and relations. Sign In
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1996 Bemidji Gathering. July 4th every year has been a time to gather in Bemidji, Minnesota for family reunions. Here are some photos from 1996.
1997 Pam Aakhus Norway Trip. Pam went to Norway in June of 1997. Here are a couple of email reports of her trip which tells alot about the country of origin for many of us Knudsons.
1997 The Wedding of Rachel Knudson. Rachel, daughter of Ed and Linda Knudson, married Jason Wilkinson in Berkeley, California. Lots of pictures here of family and friends including Linda's parents and her siblings, Vera Bahr, John Bahr, Susan and Charlie Liefert. Rachel's godfather, Church Austad, is also here. The pages here include a party in Portland sponsored by her parents.
1998 Bemidji Gathering. This includes photos of the trip east from Oregon by Ed and Linda Knudson with their daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Jason Wilkinson. It also includes photos of Grand Forks, the old house at 1402 Chestnut, and the Danner and Thompson families.
1998 Sarah Goldstein Visits Portland. Sarah Goldstein was our special guest in Portland on fathers day in 1998. She is the daughter of Linda and Jerry, granddaughter of Marion and Gordy Barnes. Marion is sister to Claence Knudson. Sarah is now living in Boise, Idaho. These photos also show alot of other members of the Knudson and Bahr (Linda Knudson's maiden name) families.
1998 - Introducing Alex William Easton. Erik and Jill Easton have a baby. Erik is the son of Bill and Diane Easton who have recently moved from the Bemidji cottage to a home in Bemidji itself. Erik and Jill live in Shakopee, Minnesota.
1999 Brayden Kristoffer Buchanan Arrives. Brayden is the son of Sonja Knudson and Terry Buchanan. He is three months old in these pictures, his first Christmas, born September 30.
2000 Sofia Mari Wilkinson is Born. Daughter of Rachel Knudson and Jason Wilkinson, granddaughter of Ed and Linda Knudson, Sofia came into the world in Berkeley, California.
2001 - Reports on September 11th from Terry Buchanan and Leah Goldstein. Terry and his wife, Sonja Knudson, along with their son, Brayden, flew into New York City minutes before the towers were struck. They visited Leah who lives there. Here are their emails.
2009 - Blake Island Cruise with Sonja, Brayden, and Jakob. You will enjoy this unusual display of photos of a boat cruise to Blake Island in the Puget Sound across from Seattle, Washington, the summer of 2009.

Sonja Knudson. This page summarizes some of the other photo events of Sonja Knudson's family. More about Brayden and Jakob here.

Rachel Knudson. This page was begun to document Rachel's wedding in Berkeley, California. Some additions have been made about Sofia and Mickie.

News and Family Events. Look here for new items added to the website, notable events in the lives of family mambers, and public happenings with impacts on the K-Family.
Where We Come From. Here is a great page of early photos of the parents of Clarence and Ina Knudson. Pam Aakhus started this page. All the grandchildren and great grandchildren will not want to miss this page!!!
Artifacts - If you have an item of significance for K-Family history please take a picture, send it in, and write up a little story of what it means. It will be placed here for all to see. Here is a beginning.
Family History - Something about Clarence and Ina Knudson and their origins in Setesdal and Hallingdal in Norway.
Family Tree - Here is the progeny (descendants) of Clarence and Ina Knudson, the names of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Included on this page are the Knudson Cousins, the descendants of Clarence Knudson's brothers and sisters.
K-Family Ancestors - Learn about your forebears, the hardy pioneers and their families who left Norway to come to America. This is an interesting page. Don't miss it.
Norwegian Ethnicity - Many K-Family members are of Norwegian descent or married to same. Here are some Internet resources.
Rumble on the Red - Here are photos of the largest gathering of the K-Family in July, 2000, at Grand Forks, North Dakota.
On the Beach in Manzanita. These are some absolutely gorgeous scenes of the Pacific oceanside at Manzanita, Oregon. Taken in the 1990s, included here are photos of Linda Knudson and our dog, Pelo.
External Links of K-Family Members

My Mother's Church: Rosendal Kirke. By Ed Knudson. Here are some life stories of my mother, Ina Elvira Quammen Knudson, related to her baptism and confirmation at Rosendal Kirke located in rural Bentru Township, Grand Forks County, North Dakota, including her views on bankers and tent-meeting preachers.

Life Memories of Marian Knudson Barnes. Linda Barnes Goldstein had sent this to the K-Family mailing list some time ago. It is a great gift to all of us that Marian took time to write memories of her life. This includes information about our many cousins who trace their heritage back to that farm near Manvel, North Dakota.

The Life Story of Ingeborg Trydahl Knutson. Clarence Knudson provided his children and other family members this amazing account of the life of his grandmother. The material was based on oral interviews with Ingeborg by her son, Osmund Knutson. It provides a full early account of life on the Minnesota and North Dakota farms.

The Early Life of Clarence E. Knudson. This is a transcription of an interview of Clarence by his niece, Joyce Lester Pond. It is a great window of insight into life on the Manvel farm for the many siblings in Clarence's family.

The Post Office Career of Clarence E. Knudson. Here in his own words is a description of Clarence's time with the Post Office and other work he has done.

The Violins of Edward Knudson. A newspaper article was published in 1948 in the Grand Forks Herald about Clarence's father, Edward Knudson. Read the article here along with an introduction by Clarence's son, Ed Knudson.

Ole Rysstad: A Norwegian Lumberjack from Bemidji. While in Texas in 1975, Clarence Knudson wrote a meditation about the life of a cousin of his mother, Julia Vigen. It turns out to be a statement too about what it meant for some people to be a lumberjack in the early days of Bemidji, Minnesota.

This page was begun on 12/15/1996 and is maintained by Ed Knudson.

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