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Dear Friends and Family,

This website is for you. We want it to be a place for everyone related in any way to the Knudson family to enjoy this site and learn about their family heritage.

If there is any way the pages on this site can be improved please be sure to let us know. You may also call me at 503-318-3175. Please see the section below on how to use this website.

I am the third child of Clarence and Ina Knudson who were born and raised on farms near Grand Forks, North Dakota. They had four children, Jean Knudson Danner Thompson of Grand Forks, Diane Knudson Aakhus Easton of Bemidji, Minnesta, L. Edward Knudson (myself) of Portland, Oregon, and the late Curtis Lee Knudson who lived in Grand Forks. This site is about them and their ancestors and descendants and their many cousins.

We hope that many other family members will write up stories for this website. Though I am the author of many early pages, watch for many new authors in the future.

Ed Knudson - 2/21/2013

The Knudsons and Quammens

This photo shows my parents, Ina Quammen Knudson and Clarence Edward Knudson, with their parents. On the left is my father's father, Edward Knudson. On the right are my mother's parents, Margit Hegland Quammen and Lars Quammen. My sisters, Jean and Diane Knudson, are in the front. My paternal grandmother, Julia Vigen Knudson, died in 1936 before this picture was taken. See the Ancestors page for much more information.

How To Use This Site

Here are some suggestions about how to get the most out of this website on behalf of yourself and your family.

Print the Pages, Make a Book. As we all know, life is shorter than we sometimes think. And websites come and go. So by the time younger folks may become interested in their family history this website might be gone. So, you are encouraged to print the pages and put them into a three-ring binder, label it "Family History" or something, and keep the binder on a shelf in your home. You never know who might see it and start flipping through the pages.

When new pages are added, or major changes are made to current pages, it will be announced on the News page. So, then you can print the new or changed pages too.

Again, you never know when someone begins to wonder, where did I come from? The answer to the question is not just biological. It's history! And too many families don't really know their own history. So this website is a start. Make your own book.

Capture the Photos. Most of the images on the site are smaller than the originals to make it faster to download to your computer. But much of the time you can click on a photo to see a larger image and then click "Back" in your browser to return to the page.

You can capture a photo to a file on your own computer by holding the cursor over the image and pressing the right mouse button. You will see a menu, choose "Save" or "Save As" and choose a folder on your computer to save the photo, usually under "My Pictures" on a Windows machine. Then, you can at your leisure look at the photos you have saved and print them out for your own use or to share with others.

Write Your Own Life Story. I have often wondered why it is that we modern folks will sit and watch television for hours and hours, watching the stories of other families. But we rarely sit down to even think about our own life stories, and the stories of our own family members.

So, I strongly encourage all of us to sit down and write our own life story, or choose a family member, and write about him or her. It can be specific, about a particular person, object, or place or event. Or, it can be a more complete life story of a person. If you do this, this website can become a place where we all can share our stories. And it is through stories that individuals gain a sense of themselves, their identity as persons, and gain insights about how to live their own lives.

If you are worried about making mistakes or not writing well enough, I am happy to serve as an editor for you. Just send me emails with your stories in them, or paste stories into the form on the Contact page.

When I say "paste" text I am referring to a simple little "copy and paste" procedure not everyone knows about but which is very handy when using computers. If you want to capture text on a page in this website, or from any other file you are reading, just highlight the text with your mouse; then hold down the Ctrl key as you press the "c" key. That will Copy the text to the "clipboard" on your computer. You cannot see the clipboard, which is why sometimes people have trouble remembering how this works. But once you have copied to the clipboard then it is there ready for you to "paste" someplace else. So, go to the place you want to paste what you have copied, put the cursor there, hold down the Ctrl key as you press the "v" key. That will paste the text into the new spot.

Look at Dates Carefully. I am finding that as I read about various family members I begin asking questions about dates. How old was my father or mother when he or she did this or that? That gives me a point of reference in my own life to compare.

Or, I ask about major public events, how they may have influenced our forebears. One set of grandparents came to this country in 1861 as the Civil War was starting in this country. My father, born in 1905, was twenty-four years old in 1929 when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began, when it was difficult to find employment (he decided to work for the Post Office).

Watching dates carefully can help you see how the lives of people unfolded and who is related to who.

Make a Family Page. Maybe you want to study more the geneology of your own family more specifically. See the Ethnicity page for helps, though that page deals mostly with Norwegian ethnicity and geneology. It can get you going on your own ethnicity if different. For example, Linda and I are starting a page on The Bahr Family where she is going to be writing her memories of members of her family. This kind of thing can be done for anyone interested to do so. Just gather photos and texts, scan the photos, write up the text, and send them to me. I will make the page for you which you can then edit and add to as you desire.

Dedicated to My Grandchildren

Authors will dedicate their books to someone. Well, this is a website, not a book. There are many authors here. But my motivation to work on this site is partly due to my grandchildren. They live far away from most of their relatives on the Knudson side. So I hope they can learn more about their history over the years, especially their great-grandparents, Clarence and Ina Knudson.

In the bathtub photo are my grandkids, left to right, Jakob and Brayden Buchanan who live with their parents, Sonja Knudson and Terry Buchanan, in Seattle, Washington. Then comes Mickie and Sofia Wilkinson who live with their parents, Rachel Knudson and Jason Wilkinson, in Berkeley, California. This photo was taken in 2005 in the mountain cabin near Winthrop, Washington, owned by Sonja and Terry and designed by Jason who is an architect. Click for a larger image, then click "Back" to return to this page.

Here is another more recent photo of the grandkids taken on June 26, 2011, when they were visiting in Portland. "Nana" Linda took them to Seattle one day and they took a tour on the water duckmobile. Left to right are Brayden, Mickie, Sofia with the dark glasses, and Jakob.

Wanted: Backup Webmaster

It would be good to find someone who would be willing to serve as a backup webmaster for this site. The person would not need to know alot about how to do web pages, just be willing to find out how to get the information necessary to host these pages somewhere. From time to time I would send the person backup files for the website.

The site uses Active Server Pages (ASP), an older technology now from Microsoft, so a Microsoft web server machine must be used to host the pages. Or, it is possible to easily convert the pages to regular html. The pages are mainly text, a database is not used to store the page content. If you want to volunteer for this, or suggest someone, please use the Contact page.

Password for Private Pages

Some pages on this side are "private," they can only be viewed if you know a password. If you want the password, use the Contact Page to tell about your connection to the K-Family and that you want the password emailed to you.

We added the feature of private pages because some folks objected to having too much personal information available on an Internet site which anyone can view. Please let me know if you have concerns about this. But let me also talk a little about this.

  • Most people are surprised to realize how much personal information about them is already on the Internet. So what is available here may not be more than what is already out there.
  • We do want names of people to be available here. That is how Internet search engines can identify the names so that when people do searches they can find the website and thus learn more about their families.
  • The most crucial information about each of us, desired by those who would do us harm, has to do with financial data, Social Security numbers, and so forth. But none such data appears on these pages. Whether or not someone knows the name of your grandfather is not going to hurt you.
  • Otherwise, it is a purpose of this site to help us be proud of our heritage, whatever it is, and learn more about ourselves as we discover the contributions of our forebears. This includes some information which may not always be flattering, but it is important to be honest about our families. That can help us face the realities of life in this world.
  • Please use the Contact Page to provide feedback about this.

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