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This page will list the various artifacts in the Knudson Family History. We will develop this so that family members know what is available and where the items are located. Artifacts are physical objects with meaning or significance for K-Family members.

Item Significance Location Sven Quammen's Boots The note in the photo on the left below is written by Ina Quammen Knudson and says that these boots belonged to her grandfather, Sven Quammen (1850-1920), to keep him warm in the cold winters on the farm in Bentru Township, North Dakota. Ina had given these to Greg Aakhus, son of Diane Aakhus Easton, the daughter of Ina Knudson. The photo on the right is Greg Aakhus wearing the boots. Greg lives with his family in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 3/24/2013

In the Myra museum in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with information about Sven included. Norwegian Immigrant Trunk This is a beautiful old trunk with rosemalling which my mother, Ina Quammen Knudson, obtained and had in the home for years. It had belonged to a shirt-tail relative. Ed and Linda Knudson had a trunk made with the same colors and Hallingdal style of Rosemalling. These trunks held the belongings of Norwegian immigrants to this country.

At the home of Ed and Linda Knudson in Portland, Oregon. Carnival Glass At the Bemidji cottage for years and years on the shelf in the kitchen was blue carnival glass, a pitcher and several glasses. When Linda Knudson lived in Bemidji in the 1970s she and her mother-in-law, Ina Knudson, used to go to rummage sales together. So Linda started to buy this carnival glass too. In her later life Ina gave what she had in the cottage to Linda. And then when we lived in Gig Harbor Ed bought Linda a Mother's Day present from eBay, a carnival glass punch bowl set with little cups. So these are all displayed now in our living room.

In the home of Ed and Linda Knudson in Portland, Oregon. Quammen Farm Chairs When I was in my early teenage years I used to work at the Quammen farm south of Grand Forks, North Dakota, for a couple weeks or more in the summer. The kitchen was one of two rooms on the main floor of the home there. And around a large table were four chairs, one of which is pictured here (with the Norwegian flag!). We somehow came to be given these chairs and have kept them all these years and I still have to finish taking the old varnish off of them. I remember so many mornings sitting at this table watching Grandpa Lars Quammen carefully taking boiled eggs out of their shells.

The home of Ed and Linda Knudson in Portland, Oregon. Baptismal Bowl and Pitcher This bowl and pitcher were used for the baptism of Ina Elvira Quammen Knudson in 1911 by Reverend S.O. Braaten, pastor of Rosendal Church at the time. The towel under the bowl was bought by her grandfather, Sven Quammen, during a trip he had made back to Norway. See more about this at the page entitled My Mother's Church: Rosendal Kirke.

Home of Ed and Linda Knudson. Rosendal Annivesary Plate In 1966 the Rosendal Lutheran congregation produced a 75th anniversary plate (see image to right). On the front it reads "Rosendal Lutheran Church, Reynolds, North Dakota, 1891 - 1966". On the back it reads: "The Rosendal Lutheran Congregation was organized March 1, 1891. The present church was erected in 1903-04. The Ladies Aid was organized in 1891, and the Sunday School in 1897. Pastors serving: Revs. S.O. Braaten 1891-1924; Ludwig Pederson 1924-37; Louis Olson 1937-51; Carl J. Carlson 1951-52; R.S. Aanestad 1953 --." Home of Ed and Linda Knudson; many other K-Family members have a copy of this plate. Template This is an sample entry for a template. Nowhere.

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