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On November 2, 1968, Linda Patricia Bahr married Ed Knudson in Washington D.C. and thereby a connection was made with the K-Family. This page provides some background on Linda's ancestors. Her descendants, of course, are the same as Ed's so go to the Family Tree page for details on their three children, Sonja, Thanh, and Rachel.

Linda was born on October 6, 1946, in New York city.

Below there are four sections representing the family tree of four families going back to Linda's great-grandparents. In the right column are Linda's memories of some of these folks. Her parent's names are in bold in the family trees.

Linda Patricia Bahr
The Bahr Family Memories
  • John Louis Bahr (or Thomas?) m. Florence Smith
    • Albert Francis Bahr m. Mary Smith
      • John Louis Bahr m. G. Kay Rheinick, lived in New York City, then Las Vegas, Nevada
        • Linda Patricia Bahr, b. October 6, 1946, m. L. Edward Knudson, b. February 15, 1941, live in Portland, Oregon
          • Sonja Julianna Knudson, lives in Seattle, Washington
          • Edward Thanh Knudson, lives in New York, New York
          • Rachel Mari Knudson, lives in Berkeley, California
        • Susan May Bahr m. Charles Liefert, live in Las Vegas, Nevada
          • Pam Liefert, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
          • Linda Liefert m. Dusty Winicki, live in Salem, Oregon
          • J.B. Liefert, lives in North Carolina
          • Jesse Liefert, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
          • Monique Liefert, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
          • Shawnee Liefert, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
        • John Louis Bahr, b. 1948, m. Nancy _____, currently lives in McMinnville, Oregon. Before that, John lived in Reno, NV from 1990 to 1997 and in Sparks, NV from 1995 to 2010.
        • Vera Elina Bahr, lives in Clackamas, Oregon
      • Mary L. Bahr (Venie), lives in New York state.
      • Albert F. Bahr
    • Florence Bahr
    • Josephine Bahr
    • Thomas Bahr
    • Lily Bahr
    • Marie Bahr
The Smith Family Memories
  • Louis Smith m. Florence Smith
    • Mary Smith m. Albert Francis Bahr
      • John Louis Bahr m. G. Kay Rheinick (see above)
      • Mary L. Bahr
      • Albert F. Bahr
    • Alberta Smith
    • Ada Smith
    • Lavinia Smith
    • Christine Smith
The Rheinick Family Memories
  • Unknown Father m. Carolyn __________
    • Albert Ferdinand Rheinick m. Katherine Vera Korth
      • G. Kay Rheinick m. John Louis Bahr (see above)
      • Albert F. Rheinick
The Korth Family Memories
  • Frederick Korth m. Caroline Thiessen
    • Katherine Vera Korth m. Albert Ferdinand Rheinick
      • G. Kay Rheinick m. John Louis Bahr (see above)
    • Florence Korth
    • Geraldine Korth
    • William G. Korth
    • Shirley Korth

This family tree was begun from a page Linda and Ed put together when they lived at 347 Bonsal, Baltimore, Maryland, where they lived in 1969-70.

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