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Clarence Knudson created a family tree book which Carl Knudson reproduced using Family Tree Maker software. In 2000 I published this on the Family Tree website (this needs updating of contact information). Carl also published a book with new information from which I copied in the family trees below. (Thanks, Carl!) See more information about Clarence and Ina at the Knudson History page. See also the photo below.

Ina was the only child of Lars Quammen and Margit Hegland. But Clarence had a bunch of sisters and brothers. That means there are lots of cousins on his side of the family. See the Cousin's Tree below. Click on the image to the right to see a larger version of Clarence and Ina at the time of their wedding.

Let's experiment here with a written version of a family tree using html code. I will need alot of help here so send notes about this on the contact form. I have to look at dad's book to get some middle names and so forth. At least this starts to get the names arranged so everyone can begin to see where they are on the family tree. If there is a page about the person on this website there will be a link on their name to that page.

On the left is a photo of the four Knudson siblings taken in the backyard of Curt and Karol Knudson in 2006. We came together to discuss family history and visit with a Norwegian relative, Inga Austad. Pam Aakhus, daughter of Diane, who has visited Norway and studies our family history, was also present at this gathering. From left to right is Curt, Ed, Diane and Jean. Click on the image for a larger version.

Early K-Family Cousins

The photo on the right shows a bunch of the cousins when they were little. This must have been taken when the Larson family was visiting from Everett, Washington, maybe the summer of 1941 or so. Here are the names left to right:
    Back Row
  1. Diane Knudson
  2. Kenneth Storstad
  3. Duane Larson
  4. Joyce Lester
  5. Jean Knudson (holding her brother, Lyle Edward)
  6. Juel Storstad
    Front Row
  7. Caroline Storstad
  8. Elaine Storstad
  9. Dale Larson

Clarence and Ina with their parents

Clarence and Ina Knudson with their parents


This photo must have been taken between 1935 and 1941 since Ed and Curt are not in the picture. Ed was born in 1941. It must be after 1936 because that's when the wife of grandfather Edward Knudson (on the left here), Julia, died so she is not in the picture.

In order, left to right, is Edward Knudson, Ina Quammen Knudson, Jean Knudson Danner Thompson in front of them, Clarence Knudson, Margit Hegland Quammen, Ina's mother, Lars Quammen, Ina's father, and in front of them is Diane Knudson Aakhus Easton.

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