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Use the Contact Form to send in information for this page. The page presents recent items placed on this website, announcements and events in the lives of K-Family members. The text here is by Ed Knudson unless otherwise noted.

4/24/2013 - Four Generation Photo Added
Pam Aakhus sent in a great photo which has been added to the page about Ingeborg Trydahl Knutson. It is the only photo I have ever seen of her. Ingeborg is the mother of Edward Knudson, father of Clarence Knudson, who is father of Jean and Diane, all of whom are in the picture.

3/24/2013 - Greg in Sven's Boots
Greg Aakhus submitted an item for the Artifacts page, a couple photos of Sven Quammen's boots. Sven is Ina Quammen Knudson's paternal grandfather, the one who left Hallingdal in Norway on April 1, 1872, the same day he married Ingeborg Larsgaard, and headed for the new world of America. These type of very warm boots were needed in the cold winters of North Dakota.

3/21/2013 - Growing Up at Rosendal
A new page has been added to the site about Ina Elvira Quammen Knudson and what it meant for her to attend the Rosendal Church in rural Bentru Township in North Dakota. This tells a lot of stories about life growing up in that Norwegian farming community. The page is entitled: My Mother's Church: Rosendal Kirke.

3/14/2013 - Biking Poem Hits Facebook
Today I saw on Sonja Knudson's Facebook page that her son, Brayden, has written a poem about biking (see image to right). I am always excited to see people put words to experience. Brayden, like his father, Terry, loves bikes and racing. Here in this poem you see the intensity of inner feelings as a person engages in a race. I have to think more about this, "fame and glory" only comes through willingness to stick it out through the mud and sore muscles, maybe a metaphor for life itself.

2/27/2013 - The Civil War and Bentru Township
I found a great map of Bentru Township, North Dakota, in 1905, where the pioneers settled on my mother's side, the Quammens and Heglands. And this led to telling some stories about the Homestead Act of 1862 and the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. So take a look at the page titled Homesteading in Bentru Township. It is through homesteading that our forebears were able to obtain their land.

2/24/2013 - Family Reunion 2000: Rumble on the Red!
Grand Forks, North Dakota, on the Red River, was the site of a great Family Reunion June 30-July 2, 2000. What a time it was! You will not want to miss the photos of this event now available on the website.

2/22/2013 - The Significance of Memory: Writing Your Story

A sigificant page has just been added to the website, the Life Memories of Marian Knudson Barnes. Linda Barnes Goldstein had sent this to the K-Family mailing list some time ago. Reading it over again I am reminded of how significant "memory" is for us human beings. It is a great gift to all of us that Marian took time to write memories of her life. This includes information about our many cousins who trace their heritage back to that farm near Manvel, North Dakota.

2/14/2013 - Vigen - Moi Ancestors

In 1977 Clarence Knudson published a booklet on the Vigen - Moi Ancestors which has been scanned and added to this website. These are the relations of his mother, Julia Vigen Knudson, pictured on the right. Lots of detail here.

2/13/2013 - A Farmer Who Made Violins

For those of you who have not seen it, here is a page about Grandpa Edward Knudson, Clarence's father. An article appeared about him in the Grand Forks Herald in 1948. It describes how he made violins and more details about his life. Check this out, it's interesting.

2/12/2013 - There Have Been Some Outstanding People in the Post Office

One of them is my father. I just put up an interesting document on a page entitled The Post Office Career of Clarence E. Knudson. There are some details here that even I didn't know about his life.

2/10/2013 - Jim Aakhus Buys Bemidji Cabin and Restores Boat

Though some of us have known about it, it's pretty big news that Jim Aakhus, son of Diane Aakhus Easton, has purchased the cabin in Bemidji that Clarence and Ina Knudson used summers for years and years and where us Knudson kids spent the summers while growing up. Diane and her husband, Bill Easton, decided to move into a new home in Bemidji. It is a wonderful thing that the cabin will stay within the family!

Furthermore, Jim, who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has over the past year been taking on the project of restoring the old Aluma-Craft boat which my brother, Curt, and I used so much those Bemidji summers, water skiing, going up the Mississippi River, and cruising around the lake. My father bought the boat in 1957 at the Coast to Coast store which was then next door to the old Johnson Drug Store in Bemidji. Jim is having a professional restore the boat who even found the original model outboard motor which was on the boat, an Evinrud Lark. This year he is restoring the trailer and cushions too. (Jim is in the boat at the Bemidji dock in the photo on the right.)

The boat has been owned or used by lots of family members over the years, including Mel and Max Danner in Gilby, North Dakota. Curt and Carl brought the boat out to Nehalem, Oregon, when they owned a store there which Carl ran. I last remember being in the boat fishing for salmon on the Nehalem River. Carl had the boat at his place on Cormorant Lake but wasn't using it. Jim got it from Carl. What fun it will be to go for a ride in that boat again!!

By the way, the Bemidji cabin is great in summer, but you can't live there year round. To see why, check out this video on the unique parking lot at Bemidji State University (where I worked for four years, 1970-1974).

Halllinglag Meets in Seattle in 2013

The Hallinglag of America's 106th Stevne (meeting) will be held at Seattle Pacific University - Seattle, Washington on August 22-25 2013----Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun til noon. This is a gathering of "Hallings", persons who trace their heritage to those who came to this country from the Halling valley in Norway, which includes the forebears of Ina Knudson. For more information go to the website of the HALLINGLAG of America.

2/8/2013 - Feeling Stupid, Again

Yesterday I wrote an email to my sister, Diane Easton, asking her if she still had a computer file of an article our father had sent to his kids and other family members about his grandmother, Ingeborg Trydahl Knutson. She said she would have to check to see but asked me if I didn't have a scanner. If I had the document I could scan it. I hadn't used this technology for so many years I had forgotten about it. But it is now entirely possible to scan text from a written page and use OCR software to turn it into a digital text file.

So I immediately tried it on my scanner and lo and behold, in a few minutes I had a file I could put on this website. I named it Ingeborg Trydahl Knutson and it is a fantastic account of the early life of an important figure in K-Family history.

I then also realized I had good copies of transcripts of interviews done with my father by his niece, Joyce Lester Pond. I scanned these into files and put this title on them: The Early Life of Clarence Knudson. This is an extremely interesting account of life on the Manvel farm. Joyce is an excellent interviewer. Thanks to her for doing this when my father was still alive. And thanks to Diane for reminding me of some modern technology I had in my own office!!

2/1/2013 - New K-Family Website Begun

The K-Family website was begun in 1996, but then some year in the mid 2000s we took it down due to a virus going around and the fact that I had sold my web hosting business and no longer had easy access to host machines. Now my wife and I have moved back to Portland, Oregon (we lived here seventeen years earlier), after ten years in Gig Harbor, Washington. We lived a couple years in an apartment right downtown but now, on December 5, 2012, moved to a ranch style home in Northeast Portland with a large room which now serves as my study/office. There is room here for a couple server machines so I am again hosting websites. And it is easy for me to start up the K-Family site again.

This time we will provide the option of having private pages, using a family password to access pages with more personal content that people don't want open to anyone on the Internet. Anyone with concerns about this should send me a message from the Contact Form. I hope the site helps everyone in K-Family to learn about and appreciate the richness of our history as a family. And I hope many of you will decide to write up your own stories, or stories of your family members, send them to me, and we will get them onto the website.

Older news items are below.

Graduation Congratulations
The spring of 2002 several K-Family members are graduating from high school. Jared Qualley, son of Kristi and David Qualley and grandson of Jean Knudson Danner, graduates May 18 from the New Paths Area Learning Center in Crookston, Mn. Jack E. Aakhus, son of Jeff and Belle Aakhus and grandson of Diane Knudson Easton, will graduates May 25 from Bemidji High School in Bemidji, Mn. On May 26 Dakotah Sunne Howell, daughter of Randy and Granddaughter of Jean Knudson Thompson, graduates from Red River High School in Grand Forks, ND. Congratulations to each of you on your accomplishments! We hope the best for you in the coming years.

Linda Knudson Retires!
October 1, 2001, was the last day of work for Linda Knudson, wife of Ed. For a year she commuted weekends from her new home in Gig Harbor, Washington, to her job at Kaiser Interstate Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Now she is home full time and loving it!

New York City on September 11.
Terry Buchanan, husband of Sonja Knudson, and their son, Brayden, flew into New York City just as the terrorist attack was occurring. Here is Terry's email report about that day. Included is an email from Leah Goldstein who lives and works in New York. We were happy to hear that they were all safe that day.

Sofia Mari Wilkinson Baptized.
On October 8, 2000, Rachel Knudson and Jason Wilkinson had Sofia baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go to the Photo Album to see pictures of this event.

Ed and Linda Knudson Moved Again (old news)
We have moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, on Monday, August 14, 2000, from Portland, Oregon. It took 10 hours to load a 26' truck and two trailers. Ed drove the truck, Linda drove the Aerostar, and Linda Winicki, Linda's niece, drove the Thunderbird, arriving in Gig Harbor after midnight. They unpacked on Tuesday.

Todd Charles Danner Graduated
Todd graduated from Midway High School on May 28th, 2000, at 2:00pm. Congratulations to Todd!

Article about Paul Murphy
Paul was written up in an article in the Grand Forks Herald April, 2000. He is on the University of North Dakota hockey team and also running unopposed for the Park Board in Manvel. Son of Marlys Knudson Murphy, the article reports that Paul's willingness to serve comes from a mother who "likes giving and never takes," and who used to haul her youngest of six children into Grand Forks to skate..."

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