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This section presents some fun and interesting resources concerning Norwegian ethnic history (and any other ethnic history anyone wants to add about ethnic groups of spouses of Knudsons).

Pam's Norway Trip. In June of 1997, Pam Aakhus went to Norway on a bus tour. She wrote some email messages to the K-Family mailing list that are reproduced here. The page includes some links to Norway sites as well as a map of Norway.

    External Links
  • Hallingdal History. Discusses the social life of the "Hallings" with quotes from Edna Rude's booklet which we may try to get onto this website.
  • About Setsdal, Norway. Beautiful pictures from this tourist site.
  • Norway Post. Norwegian newspaper in English, good place to start learning about Norway.
  • NORDGUIDE A directory of databases in the Nordic Countries
  • Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad organizations of emigrant descendants from particular areas of Norway who are now living in North America. Each lag seeks to preserve and strengthen bonds with its area-of-origin in Norway.
  • Lefse HomePage Vat is Lefse?
  • Uff Da! - Norwegian Jokes! Dedicated to those who would much rather tell jokes about themselves than others - Norwegians!
  • Minnesota Jokes.
  • Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keiller tells stories about scandinavians and Lutherans in Minnesota. It's amazing, but everyone enjoys it; those who not scandinavians can still see in these stories something universal about themselves and all cultures.

Want some Norwegian goodies?

Here is a source: King's Norske Products. - Selling Norwegian goods. Lefse (made with real Russett potatoes). Fattiggmann. Flatbrod. Gjetost Spread. Limpa Bread. Cardamom. Rosettes. Sandbakkles. Pin Wheel Cookies with Dates.

Any other specialties can be ordered with a phone call to: Bev King at 303-422-3394 (Denver, CO). All foods are made fresh, without preservatives. TAKKE! (this ad submitted by Pam Aakhus)


We hope several persons representing the various families will volunteer to research the family history of the Aakhus, Bahr, Buchanan, Danner, Easton, Knudson, Larson, Pond, Thompson, Wilkinson families and write up materials that can be placed on this website.

The "K-Family" includes hundreds of descendants related to the ancestors and progeny of Clarence and Ina Knudson who lived their lives mostly in North Dakota and Minnesota. They were both Norwegians which means they trace their history back to the country of Norway in northern Europe. Their grandparents or great grandparents came from Norway.

If you are related in any way to the K-Family, or think you might be, send an email with the Contact Form. The K-Family includes more than just "Knudsons", of course. Through marriage it includes members of all the families listed above (and many others we hope to identify as we go. Let us know if your last name should be added to the list!).

    K-Family Geneologies:
  • Knudson Family History
  • K-Family on FamilyTreeMaker Site. Carl Knudson has typed in all the information from three books prepared by his grandfather, Clarence Knudson, into a FamilyTreeMaker software program. The results used to be available from this link. You will be able to see ancesters and descendants of various K-Family members. Take a look at this!!! It was set up on 4/13/2000 and we will be experimenting how to add and edit it online so Carl can make updates.
  • Pam Aakhus has been researching K-Family members a great deal over the years. We hope to get more of her material up here on the website in the future.

About the Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraadthe

At the site of the Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraadthe the following entries are found for Setesdal and Hallingdal which are of special interest to many Knudson relatives. Clarence Knudson's ancesters came from Setesdal; Ina Knudson's from Hallingdal.


CONTACT PERSON: Owen Scramstad, 116 North Conley, Thief River Falls, MN 56701
GENEALOGIST: Owen Scramstad, 116 North Conley, Thief River Falls, MN 56701
NEWSLETTER: Setesdals Medlemsbladet (Biannual)
1997 STEVNE: July 11 in Oaklee, MN
STEVNE CONTACT: James Avron, +1 218 222 3331
No websites listed.


CONTACT PERSON: Peter Gandrud, 2425 Washington Avenue South, Bemidji, MN 56601
E-MAIL CONTACT: Peter Gandrud at
GENEALOGIST: John Wasylow, 2105 2nd Avenue North, Grand Forks, ND 58203
NEWSLETTER: Hallingen (Quarterly)
1997 STEVNE: June 19-21 in Crookston, MN
STEVNE CONTACT:Henry Gredvig, +1 218 281 4631
Relevant genealogy web sites include:

HALLINGLAG of America. Hallingdal is a rugged mountain valley in Norway, part of Buskerud County (fylke). Many people migrated from this valley coming to America and Canada, especially during the 1800’s. The Hallinglag is an organization formed in 1907 by these immigrants and their descendants. The Hallinglag aims to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage given to us by these pioneers.

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