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The K-Family
Rumble on the Red

The biggest family reunion of the K-Family was held the first year of the new century, 2000, from June 30 to July 2. The site was Grand Forks, North Dakota, which is located on the Red River of the North. It was Duane Larson who came up with the name Rumble on the Red. Since it was in Grand Forks, it was Jean Knudson Danner Thompson and Curt and Karol Knudson who did most of the work to make this possible for everyone. Thanks to them!

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There are pictures here of many, many K-Family members. Here are faces to go with the names you see on the Family Tree page. Four of the children of Edward and Julia Knudson were still living at the time of this reunion and you will see their pictures here: Clifford Knudson, Julian Knudson, Ellen Knudson Storstad, and Marian Knudson Barnes.

I have not written captions for all the photos. If you know everyone in a picture you can send a message with the names and be sure to indicate the photo number.

The order of the photos here pretty much follows the schedule for the event as follows.

June 30 - 5PM - Early comers get-together - Friday - Curt & Karol Knudson's back yard, 711 N 25th Street, 701-772-8407

July 1 - 9AM Contenintal Breakfast - Saturday - Jean Thompson's house, 401 24th Ave So., 701-746-0866

Myra Museum is a block away, and has on it's grounds the Campbell House, which is a restored farm home, sitting right where it was built 100 years ago. Since all our family farm original homes are gone this will be a chance to relive the "old days". There is also a one room school house, and the original log Post Office-general store building from Grand Forks.

LUNCH: On your own - Afternoon Day Trips leaving from Town House at 1 pm:

  • Old Home Place - Edward & Julia's Farm site near Manvel (also Storstad and other farm locations)
  • Grave Sites - Middle Grove Church, Grand Forks Cemetary, Vigen graves,
  • Rosendahl, Bygland
  • Local Sites, GF Flood, Lincoln Drive is a park! Downtown is different. East Grand Forks is GONE, done over!
6 pm Dinner - Townhouse Motor Inn, Pool Area - Skits, family stuff, geneology

All Day: Memorabilia Room, Townhouse Motor Inn

July 2 - Sunday - Time for reflection and more visiting.

It seems to me like the Rumble on the Red happened just a while back. But it was thirteen years ago. I hope family members enjoy seeing these pictures and remembering what a great event it was.

Ed Knudson - 2/23/2013

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