Vigen - Moi Ancestors

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In 1977 my father, Clarence E. Knudson, published a booklet entitled "Vigen - Moi Ancestors". It was a supplement to a much larger booklet he published on the Kavasaker - Knutson side of the family. The latter was his father's side. That larger book, updated by Carl Knudson, is available on the Family TreeMaker website.

The booklet reproduced below is his mother's side of the family. His mother, my grandmother is Julia Vigen pictured at the right. Her ancestors came from Norway. Her descendants and relations are scattered all across the country as will be made clear in this booklet.

So, remember, the information below is current as of 1977. And lots has happened in the last thirty-five years.

There are many interesting details included in the lists of family members below, including the addresses of persons. I believe my father sent the booklet to the persons whose addresses are listed.

Here is the method used to produce this page. I first scanned the booklet and used a software program to transform the scan into text format. I then used Microsoft Word to edit the document. The result was some inconsistencies in the formatting. So, watch the numbering of the families if the indents don't make sense. I belive it is clear enough to follow.

If you have corrections you can mail them to me using the Contact form. Be sure to mention the page for the correction using the numbers appearing in the upper right of each page.

I hope you enjoy this detailed listing of the Vigen - Moi families.

Ed Knudson

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This booklet contains all of the information that I have
been able to compile concerning the relatives of my mother. My
father was Thor O. Vigen, born 1847, and my mother's
mother was Anne Amundsdotter Moi, born 1846. Both were born in
Setesdal, Norway, and came to America in 1875. It seems that
they first went to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, but later settled on a
farm in Bygland Township, Polk County, Minnesota, south of East
Grand Forks, Minnesota. When they came to America, they had two
children, Eli (Ellen), born 1869 and Ole, born 1872.

When we visited Norway in 1972 we were shown the farms where
the Vigen’s and the Moi’s had lived before leaving for America.

In fact, the Moi house is still standing, although unoccupied, and
we were permitted by the present owners to go inside and examine
it. Even the homemade beds, tables and benches are still there.
MY wife picked up an old horseshoe from the yard which she brought
back with her. Later when we visited Torjus Viki (Vigen), born
1914, my mother's second cousin, he gave us a wood-splitting wedge
which had been fashioned by my great-grandfather, Olav Anison Viki,
who was a blacksmith.

The assistance I have received from many of you is greatly
appreciated. I could not have compiled this booklet without your
help. Thank you very much.

It is regretted that this history is not complete but I feel
that I will be unable to give the work any more attention and am
therefore assembling what I have in this booklet. Please excuse
any errors which it may contain.

Sincerely yours,


Clarence E. Knudson

April 12, 1977

Summer Address:

Rt. 8, Box 791
Bemidji, MN 56601

Winter Address:

401 - 24th Ave. So.,
Grand Forks, ND 58201






i. My great-great-great grandfather - Cannot identify

(1) Olav Anison Vollen - lived in Setesdal, Norway - My great-great grandfather

    m. ? Torsdotter

I.      Ani Vollen - Norway - Brother to my great-grandfather

m. Bergit Anisdotter Sordal

(I) Olav - went to Canada and was killed in an accident in the woods
(II) Ani- Lived in RysstadJ

              (III) Oro    (IV) Tora   (V) Bergit

II.    Olav Anison Viki b. Setesdal, Norway 1815 d. 1887 Blacksmith -grandfather
Lived on Viki farm in or near Ose, Setesda1, Norway in 1865. Came from

       Valle, Setesda1, Norway, but further details could not be ascertained in

       the limited time available to us when we visited Norway in 1972.

m. Joronn Torsdotter b. 1824 d.?

(I) Tor Viki (Thor O. Vigen) b. Norway 1847 d. 1928 - My grandfather
Carne to America in 1875 with wife and two children. First went to

LaCrosse, Wisconsin, but later carne to Bygland Township, Minnesota.
1m. Anne Amundsdotter Moi b. Norway 5-24-1846 d.1-3-1881-Minnesota

A.    Eli (Ellen) Vigen b. 8-21-1869 d. 1951
Oklee and Duluth, Minnesota

m. Paul Sorenson b. 1854 d. 6-7-1903

1.       Margaret Sorenson b. 1-10-1888

m. James M. Patterson b. 12-31-1892 d. 4-27-1973
330 E. 3rd. St., Duluth, MN - After April 1, 1977

(1) Dr. Paul George Patterson b.4-30-1932 Physician m. Marilyn Vernice Carlson b.7-12-1937

1517 Berne Circle, W., Minneapolis, MN 55421

a.       Craig Paul Patterson b. 12-31-1961

b.       Mary Beth Patterson b. 9-28-1963

                                c. Barbara Jo Patterson b. 8-6-1965

d.      Carol Ann Patterson b. 4-18-1968

e.       David James Patterson b. 3-24-1970

2.      Thor Sorenson b. 9-29-1889 at Fisher Minnesota, Bella (Bergit) Vattendahl b. 6.20-1890 d. 1938
st. Ann's Senior Citizens Home, Room 116

330 Eo 3rd. St., Duluth, MN

   (1) Annie Pauline Sorenson b. 11-20-1913 m. Vincent James Mancini b. 3-1-1913

3969         S. 9th, East #22, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

                              a.Vincent Paul Mancini b. 6-26-1937 m. Judith Anne McCarthy b. 5-7-1937

                                5111 Cottonwood Lane, Salt Lake City, utah 84117
                                    (a) Vincent John Mancini b. 7-4-1956

                                    (b) Christopher Paul Mancini b. 7-10-1957
                                    (c) Timothy James Mancini b. 7-15-1960
                                    (d) Hark Thomas Mancini b. 10-20-1964

(e) Judith Anne Mancini b. 8-29-1967

b.       Bella Louise Mancini b. 11-14-1938

m. V. Herbert Hildebrandt b. 7-8-1935
6260 West Elm St., Phoenix, Ariz. 85033

(a) Lynn Marie Hildebrandt b. 11-29-1961

(b) Allen Patrick Hildebrandt b. 11-1-1963
(c) Kristen Annette Hildebrandt b. 6-13-1965

c.      Kenneth James Mancini b. 11-30-1942
m. Nancy Jane Metzinger b. 4-14-1945
329 West Austin St., Duluth, MN 55803

(a)    Diane Katherine Mancini b. 11-2-1971

(b)    Amy Anne Mancini b. 10-12-1975




                          d. Michael Vernon Mancini b. 9-13-1950

3969 So. 9th, East #22, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
(2) Elaine Madeline Sorenson b. 1915 d. 1916

(3) Ole Vernon Sorenson b. 5-26-1917 Beekeeper

                             m. Bernice Marie Woolson b. 11-29-1913

                             R 4, Box 44, Thief River Falls, MN

                        a. Sherry Lynn Sorenson b. 10-29-1954

                                b. Marie Lee Sorenson b. 10-7-1955

(4) Elaine Madeline Sorenson b. 5-26-1917

                             1m. Daniel Lawrence Myerchin b.7-10-1914 d. 4-17-1945
Peter Wuorio, Sr. b. 3-7-1918

                             3844 Stebner Rd., Duluth, MN 55811

                                                                    a.       Marjorie Ellen Myerchin b. 11-11-1941
                            m. Neal Weston Slutz b. 7-28-1938

                                   6711 Ridge Road SW, East Sparta, Ohio
                  (a) John Daniel Slutz b. 11-16-1963
                  (b) Michael Weston Slutz b. 3-15-1964
                  (c) Suzanne Elaine Slutz b. 6-2-1966

                                                                    b.      Lawrence Daniel Myerchin b. 12-9-1942 Minister
                                                                    m, Carol Patterson of Coshocton, Ohio

                           Lakeville, Ohio 44638

                            (5) Paul Robert Sorenson b. 3-6-1919

                              m. Janice Marie Deur100 b. 3-30-1931
                              731 N. 3rd. Ave. E., Duluth, MN 55805

                                                                       a.       Paula Elaine Sorenson b. 1-5-1952
                          m. Lynn Robert Kern b. 2-18-1947

                                  706 W. Skyline Pkwy., Duluth, MN 55806

                          (a) Laura ~ Kern b. 6-10-1971

                          (b) Timmy Allen Kern b. 4-23-1974

                                                                      b.      Joan Elizabeth Sorenson b. 11-16-1953

                                                                      c.       Thor Robert Sorenson b. 9-8-1955

                                                                     d.      Paul Allen Sorenson b. 12-16-1960

                                                                     e. Henry Arthur Sorenson b. 12-16-1960 Twins
                            (6) Lester Edgar Sorenson b. 2-23-1921 Teacher

                              m. Joyce Marie C10r b. New York 10-6-1928

                             4201 West 100th St. So., Bloomington, MN 55431

                                                                    a.       Eric Carleton Sorenson b. 8-27-1958

                                                                    b.      Julie Ellen Sorenson b. 8-14-1960

                                                                    c.       Peter Evan Sorenson b. 6-24-1963

                                                                    d.      Meta Jean Sorenson b. 3-30-1966

                            (7) Marjorie Ardith Sorenson b. 12-25-1922
                            1m. Donald L. Ness b. 1922 d. 1967
Howard S. Loraas

                             121. Chester Pkwy., Duluth, MN 55805

                                                                                   a. Cynthia Elaine Ness      b. 8-20-1946

                                                                m, Tom Veenker

                          205 Fenton Ave., Albert Lea, MN

                         (a) Joy Elaine Veenker b. 1-9-1966
                         (b) Jay Thomas Veenker b. 10-12-1969

                                                                   b.       Donald Timothy Ness b. 9-29-1951
                           m. Mary McCarthy b. 11-27-1953
                           2308 West 3rd. St., Du1uth, MN

                           (a) Donald Paul Ness b. 1-9-1974

                            (8) Kenneth Allen Sorenson b. 1929 d. 1935 (Killed by
             car While crossing a street)





3.      Ann Sorenson b. 5-20-1891 d. 1955 Nurse
m, Don Paddock

Lived in Grand Forks, N. Dak., Chicago, Ill., and Spooner, Wis.

No children

4.      Agnes Sorenson Died 6-12-1971 at age 75

   1m. Peter Scott Deceased

   2m. Roy Swanson Deceased

In Duluth, MN

(1) Vernon Lester Scott b. 6-12-1920
m. Wi1ma L. Johnson b. 2-4-1920

301    E. Chaminade Drive, Hollywood, Fla. 33021

a. Steven L. Scott b. 7-3-1943

m. Carole L. Haluska b. 9-27-1944
4005 Arthur St., Hollywood, Fla. 33021
(2) Eugene Russell Scott

32 Spruce Place, Apt. 102, Minneapolis, MN 55403

5.      Soren Sorenson b. 5-29-1893 d. 7-16-1950

m. Annie Nina Knutson b. 10-31-1889 d. 5-10-1965
(1) Ella Sorenson b. 3-25-1912 d. 6-3-1972

m. Raymond C. Blackmer b. 6-15-1900 d. 6-7-1965
No children

(2) Paul Sorenson b. 4-5-1913
26 Oak Grove, Minneapolis, MN

m. Margaret Knutson b. 12-17-1915
Oklee, MN 56742

a. Kenneth Myron Sorenson b. 1-2-1937
m. Roselyn Brandt b. 6.12-1942

1801 Dakota Ave. So. st. Louis Park. MN

(a) Mitchell Brandt Sorenson b. 3-27-1961

b.      Dale Alan Sorenson b. 3-27-193tl
m. Judith Marie Berg b. 5-3-1941
Oklee, MN 56742

(a) Richard Dale Sorenson b. 6-28-1964
(b) Robert Alan Sorenson b. 12-15-1966
(c) Rocci Alan Sorenson b. 5-2-1969

c.      Judy Diane Sorenson b. 8-6-1942
m. Gerald Berg b. 1-5-1937

2106 Ventura Rd., Oxnard, Ca1.

(a) Gregory Scott Berg b. 5-4-1964
(b) Heidi LYnn Berg b. 8-10-1967

d.      James Paul Sorenson b. 6-29-1948
m. Beverly Burt b. 1950

125 Annapolis, St. Paul, MN

(a) Benjamin James Sorenson b. 10-12-1973
(3) Alton Sorenson b. 5-8-1914 d. 1971

m. Irene ?

No children

    (4) Alice Sorenson b. 1915
Lm, Robert E. Lee

2m. Jens Jensen - Deceased
North Branch, MN

a.       fudd E. Lee

Divorced - North Branch, Minn.
(a) Son - name not available

b.       Gary Eo Lee

6801 Soundview Drive, N. E., Tacoma, Wash.

No other information obtained


    (5) Mildred Bergetta Sorenson b. 10-28-1917 d.u-1-1972
m. Howard Ellsworth Johnston b. 6-23-1913

Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

a.       Cleo Rae Johnston b. 12-23-1938
m. Henry Thomas Hagen b. 2-3-1937
915 Lee Street, Rice Lake, Wis.

       b. Sandra Gale Johnston b. 8-5-1941
m. Ervin Wa1hof b. 1-29-1940
6730 Plaza Curve, Minneapolis, MN

(a) Ross Lindsey Wa1hof b. 10-24-1968
(b) Barry Lane Wa1hof b. 3-21-1970
(c) Reed Wesley Wa1hof b. 6-9-1973

(6) Arleen Vivian Sorenson b. 5-18-1925

m. Milton W. Pehl b.11-16-1924 Head Lt., Sheriff's Off.
521 N. 48th Ave. W., Duluth, MN 55807

a.       Larry Richard Peh1 b. 12-15-1946

m, Barbara Fullerton b. 1946 Divorced
1807 Oakes Ave., Superior, Wis.

(a) Dean W. Peh1 b. 2-8-1966

b. Loreen Renee Peh1 b. 3-16-1957

6.       Inger Sorenson b. 12-16-1898

m. Irvin D. Toupin b. 4-10-1895 d. 4-14-1965
100 Elizabeth St., Duluth, MN 55803

  (1) Arthur Vernon Toupin b. 10-14-1921 - Lawyer and
Executive Vice President, Bank of America

m.     Lillian Jewell Blass b. 5-6-1919

      280 Lansdale Ave., San Francisco, CA 94127

      a. James Arthur Toupin b. 1-22-1952

7.       June Sorenson b. 4-11-1900 in Oregon

m. Ernie Dodge b. 2-8-1902 d. 1-29-1954 Grocer
R 1, Box 615BB, Excelsior, MN 55331

(1) Marcia Dodge b. 11-4-1925

m. Carlo Anneke b. 8-11-1923

Audubon, N. J. 08106 .

a.       Greg Dodge Anneke b. 10-24-1944

b.Victoria Joy Anneke b. 5-19-1950
(2) Joy Dodge b. 12-26-1932

m. Robert Wilson b. 2-28-1931

R 1, Box 615BB, Excelsior, MN 55331

a.       Kim Wilson b. 7-6-1953

b.      Kristi Wilson b. 4-24-1957

8. Robert Ingersoll Sorenson b. 7-12-1902

   m. Vera Mae?      b. 5-7-1903

   6627 S. W. 41st Court, Davie, Fla. 33314
(1) Robert Wayne Sorenson b. 11-20-1924

       m. Mary Jane?      b. 9-23-1927

4218        W. 37th Terr., Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

       a. Robert W. Sorenson, Jr., b. 9-11-1950

b. Joseph Curtis Sorenson b. 1-22-1952
c. John Arthur Sorenson b. 8-30-1955

       d.Paul Sorenson b. 7-7-1957

       e. Thomas Sorenson b. 4-20-1962

       f.Judith Ann Sorenson b. 10-10-1964

(2) Douglas Keith Sorenson b. 9-6-1926 - Owner, Paramount
Hospital Supply Co., Inc.,Ho11ywood, Fla.

m. Geraldine Mathi1da Fischer b. 10-3-1934

1249 Garfield, Hollywood, Fl. 33021

a.       Douglas Keith Sorenson b. 8-21-1950

b.      Scott Paul Sorenson b. 8-4-1951

c.      Steven Craig Sorenson b. 12-20-1953





B.    Ole Vigen b. Norway 10-27-1872 d. 10-30.1941

m. Sarah Hoverson b. 8-8-1876 in Granite Falls, Mn. d.4-11-1976
Rest Home, Ashland, Wis.

1.       Teller (Thomas) Vigen Deceased
Fargo, ND

2.      Annie Vigen b. 1900 d. 1958

m. Frank Dickey b. 9-12-1898 d. 1-20-1942 Cook
Lived in Bemidji, MN and Chicago, Ill.

(1) Frances Dickey

m. William Keller

   1314 Bradford St., Stockton, CA
(2) Melvin Dickey b. 3-19-1923
    Vets Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

 (3) Charles Oliver Dickey b. 6-14-1925
371 Ralston Ave., Belmont, CA 94002

     (4) Shirley Dickey

m,  Gordon Lenhardt
Lemonwood Ave., Fremont, CA

(Five children, names not available)

      (5) Carol Dickey b. 12-23-1941

          m.?      Beck

Lemonwood Ave., Fremont, CA

(Two children - names not available)

      (6) Herbert Dickey - Died, age 4 yrs. - struck by car
in Chicago, Ill.

   3. Anlaug (Angeline) Vigen b. Bygland, MN 2-19-1902
m. Ernest Surprenant b. 9-10-1885 d. 6-27-1970
406 loth Ave. N., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

(1) Arnold Eugene Surprenant b. 10-12-1926

m. Gladys Ruth Johnson b. 1-9-1930

1501 N. Front st., Crookston, MN 56716

a. Karen Sue Surprenant b. 6-23-1952

b. James John Surprenant b. 12-28-1955

       (2) Roy Elmer Surprenant b. 2-10-1928 Mgr., G.F. Retreading Co.
m. Patricia Ann Paschke b. 2-14-1930

610 SE 2nd., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

a.       Timothy Ray Surprenant b. 11-15-1955

b.      Anthony Ray Surprenant b. 4-16-1957

c.       Daniel Roy Surprenant b. 10-21-1958

d.      Susan Marie Surprenant b. 12-15-1959

e.       Roger Elmer Surprenant b. 8-18-1962

f.       Gera1d Wayne Surprenant b. 6-22-1966

g.      Richard Vern Surprenant b. 1-17-1969

h.      Denise Marie Surprenant b. 2-7-1973

       (3) Ernest leon Surprenant b. 1-3-1934 - Customer Engineer,
Control Data Corporation

m. Barbara Joyce Wilson b. 1-26-1944

225 Murphy Drive, Romeovii1e ,-n1.60h41

a.       Glenn James Surprenant b. 3-25-1971

b.Lee SUrprenant b. 2-28-1976
4. Thor Vigen b. 1904 died 1950

Never married

5.      Hover Vigen b. Byg1and, MN, 2-8-1906 d. 1975

lm. Regina Mary LaMoine b. 2-17-1907 d. 1-19-1968
2m. Gertrude Loughlin Hall

          624 N. First st., East Grand Forks, MN 56721
(1) Margaret Mary Vigen b. 5-26-1928

    m. Ray Allen Walden b. 4-15-1929

                609-12th Ave. N., East Grand Forks, MN 56721
(Children listed on next page)





a.      Judy Ann Walden b. 3-16-1952

b.      David Allen Walden b. 5-26-1953

c.      Patty Ann Walden b. 9-22-1954

d. Duane Ray Walden b. 10-1-1955

e. Donald James Walden b. 5-3-1962


(2) Mary Ann Vigen b. 10-5-1932

m. John Robert Coons b. 6-28-1933

805 River Drive, East Grand Forks, Minn. 56721

a.      Peggy Lorrain Coons b. 2-16-1950

b.      Larry Duane Coons b. 1-17-1951

c.      Beverly Carol Coons b. 11-22-1952

d.     Debra LYnn Coons b. 12-25-1954

e.      Carol Joy Coons b. 2-5-1956
m. Gregg Sche11ert

(a) Tina Marie Schel1ert b. 6-28-1972

f.       Robert John Coons b. 9-27-1958

g.      Timothy James Coons b. 6-6-1959

h.      Rodger Allen Coons b. 5-17-1961

(3) James Leonard Vigen b. 10-2-1933 President, Vigen
Construction Company
& Director, Citizens State Bank
m. Barbara Ann Stick1emeyer b. 11-11-1934

1823 NW Third ss., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

a.      Michael James Vigen b. 4-5-1957

b.      Julie Ann Vigen b. 7-7-1958

c.       Shari Lynn Vigen b. 11-9-1962

d.Jeffrey Todd Vigen b.5-15-1964
(4) Howard Joseph Vigen b. 4-30-1937

m. Ann Marie Bielmeyer b. 4-12-1936
Rural Route, Hatton, ND

(5) Ruth Agnes Vigen b. 2-4-1940

m. Dan Martin Walden b. 6-2-1938
Hatton, ND

a. Scott Daniel Walden b. 10-15-1959
Paula Marie Walden b. 9-19-1963

c.      Ross Martin Walden b. 9-3-1966

d. Charles Hover Walden b. 9-11-1967
(6) Alfred John Vigen b. 12-16-1946

m. Candace Ann Johnson b. 7-14-1945

RR 1, 6720 Woodcrest Rd., Grand Forks, ND $8201

a.      Erik Anthony Vigen b. 11-18-1973

b.       Cory Bryant Vi~en b. 8-1-1976

6.      Osi1ia Vigen b. 3-14-1908
1m. George Strafelda

2m. Carl K1avon, Herbster, Wisc.

    (1) Gayhart Divorced, 2 children

7.      Timan Solon Vigen b. 11-17-1910

m. Hazel Muriel Spicer b. 11-28-1912
2017 - 12th Ave. N., Grand Forks, ND 58201

    (1) Gary Timan Vigen b. 1-12-1947 Architect

m. Marcia Rams1and b. 3-1-1948

R 1, Box 201-6A, Saginaw, MN

8.      01ena Vigen b. h-25-1913 Cook

m,  Alvin Hefta b. 11-13-1908 - Separated
516 S. 4th st., East Grand Forks, MN56721
(1) Eleanor Ida Hefta b. 12-29-1938

m. Glenn Philip Walior b. 8-14-1938

      11316 Goodrich Rd., Bloomington, MN 55431
(Names of children on next page)





a. Gaylene Phyllis Walior b. 7-2-1958

b.      Kimberly Ann Walior b. 12-26-1959

c.      Charles Leo Walior b. 8-27-1961

d.     Jo Ann Walior b. 11-13-1962

e.      Timothy Scott Walior b. 9-21-1964

     (2) Ronald Orville Hefta b. 11-25-1941 Cook
516 So.
4th st., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

9.      Evelyn Sy1vina Vigen b. 9-27-1915

1m. Duane A. Maxson Died 1941 - car accident
Raymond G. Kounovsky b. 6.14-1912

1601 6th Ave. So., Fargo, ND 58102

(1) Kenneth Leo Maxson b. 12-13-1937

m. Judith Ann Saunders b. 9-19-1941
Hawley, MN 56549

       (2) Geraldine Evelyn Maxson b. 9-20-1940
m. Thomas Dale Kennedy b. 1-6-1940
1533 8th st. S., Fargo, ND 58102

a.      Jon Thomas Kennedy b. 6-28-1962

b.      James Ray Kennedy b. 4-1-1965

c.      William David Kennedy b. 12-19-1971

10.      Viola Vigen b. Bemidji, MN 3-27-1918
m. Henry Boit Deceased

Billings, Mont 0

     (1) Edward Boit Billings, Mont.
m, ?

Has children - names not available

     (2) Robert Boit

m, ?

Billings, Mont.

Has children - names not available

C.    Omund Vigen b. 1876 d. 1879

D.    Omund Vigen b. 9-17-1877 do 9-8-1941

m. Delphine Walseth b. 5-29-1877 d. 1-8-1958
Lived in Oklee, Minn.

1.       Anne Lou ise Vigen b. 3-12-1909 Teacher
m. Hol1ace Dale Wisehart b. 9-3-1910
Cass Lake, MN

     (1) William Omund Wisehart b. 11_24-1945
m. Cynthia Jane Schultz

Cass Lake, MN

2.      Theodora Evelyn Vigen b. 6-18-1912 Bastal Employee
1325 LaSalle Ave., Apt. 203, Minneapolis, MN 55403
1m. John Meland b. 2-12-1892 d. 6-10-1946

2m. James Robert Morgan b. 8-22-1912

3.       Cora Theresa Vigen b. 11-11-1918
cass Lake, MN

(1) Dale Robert Vigen b. 4-5-1953

E.      Jorund (Julia) Vigen b. 5-15-1879 d. 11-10-1936
m. Edward Knudson b. 5-2-1876 d. 3-19-1958
Lived on farm East of Manvel, ND

1.      Clarence Edward Knudson b. 7-2-1905 Postal Inspector (Retired
m. Ina Elvira Quammen b. 8-27-1911

      R 8, Box 791, Bemidji, MN 56601 and 401 24th Ave. So.,
Grand Forks, ND 58201

(1) Jean Marianne Knudson b. 12-31-1932 Office work
m. Charles Don Danner b. 12-28-1928 d. 10-7-1967
Car accident

514 Eastern, Apt. 202, Grafton, ND 582:37

(Names of children on next page)



a. Me1 Charles Danner b. 6-27-1952      Farmer

Gilby, ND 58235

b.       Max Don Danner b. 6-27-1952 Farmer
m. Barbara Ann Woods b. 2-8-1953
Gilby, ND 58235

(a) Neil Bradley Danner b. 4-16-1974

(b) Brian Raymond Danner b. 3-16-1977

c.      Ranqy Clare Danner b. 8-22-1956 Nurse's Aid
m. James Patrick Durkin
b. 5-19-1952

3810 Berke1y Dr.,Apt. 4, Grand Forks, ND 58201
(a) Cassidy Patricia Durkin b. 11-17-1975

d.      Kristi Marie Danner b. 7-24-1958 student

e.       Carla Jean Danner b. 3-31-1961

     (2) Ina Diane Knudson b. 8-27-1934 Office work
1m,  John Arnold Aakhus b. 6-15-1934

    2m. William Earl Easton b. 9-15-1930

1010 E. Mt. Faith, Fergus Falls, MN 56537

a. Jeffrey John Aakhus b. 8-7-1954   Army

   m. Cynthia Lee Johnson b. 6-27-1954
   14107 So.
c st., Apt. 3, Tacoma, WN 98444
b. Jay Allen Aakhus b. 4-24-1956 Student

c.       James Edward Aakhus b. 8-17-1957 Air Force
GFAFE, Grand Forks, ND

d.      Pamela Jo Aakhus b. 8-20-1958 Nurse's Aid
Bemidji, MN 56601

e.       Gregory David Lars Aakhus b. 1-4-1962

f.        Erik William Easton b. 9-22-1973

         (3) Lyle Edward Knudson b.2-15-1941 Master in Divinity
m. Linda Patricia Bahr b. 10-6-1946

    993 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

a.       Sonja Ju1ianna Knudson b. 10-21-1969

b.       Edward Thanh Knudson b. 1-28-1971 Adopted

c.       Rachel Mari Knudson b. 9-12-1972

    (4) Curtis Lee Knudson b. 1-2-1944 Ph. D. in Chemistry
m. Karo1-1yn Mercia Howe b. 6-5-1948

    2010 1st. Ave. N., Grand Forks, ND 58201

a.       Carl Todd Knudson b. 1-29-1973

b.       Brant Lang Knudson b. 12-15-1975

2.      Agnes Knudson b. 7-30-1906 Red Gross Exec. Sec'y (Retired)
m. Marion Brock Lester b. 10-9-1902 d. 6-26-1963

1404 Chestnut St., Grand Forks, ND 58201

    (1) Joyce Elizabeth Lester b. 4-1-1929 Music Teacher
m. William Everett Pond b. 2-6-1923 Band Leader
630 Belmont Rd., Grand Forks, ND 58201

a.       Elizabeth Jewell Pond b. 7-30-1951 d. 5-15-1969

b.       Winnifred Marian Pond b. 4-23-1954 Office work
Iowa City, Iowa

3.      Ellen Knudson b. 4-23-1908

m. Arthur C. Storstad b. 1-24-1905 Farmer
RR, Manvel, ND 58256

   (1) Kenneth Erling Storstad b. 5-25-1934 Farmer
Manvel, ND 58256

1m. Mary Anna Davis b. 10-9-1933

a. Tonja Rae Storstad b. 10-29-1958

2m. Darlene Grugal b. 10-16-1940

a.       David Arthur Storstad b. 3-5-1961

b.       Dean Kent Storstad b. 2-16-1962

c.       Darren Wayne Storstad b. 3-26-1964

d.      Diane Kerri Storstad b. 4-30-1966

e.       Kevin Erling Storstad b. 9-23-1971

f.        Karla Rae Storstad b. 7-13-1974

   (2) Jue1 Arthur Storstad b. 3 •.. 4-1936 Farmer
m. Mary Louise Blair b. 1-24-1946

    RR, Manvel, ND 58256

   a. Randy Allen Storstad b. 12-24-1975

(3) Janis Kay Storstad b. 4-27-1938

  m, Wayne Douglas Sykes b. 10-4-1937

 1423 N. 8th St., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

a.       Laurie Gail Sykes b. 6-2-1960

b.       Sherri Lynn Sykes b. 1-17-1962

c.       Timothy Wayne Sykes b. 4-11-1966

d.Linda Kay Sykes b. 9-21-1967
(4) Elaine Gail Storstad b. 5-27-1939

m. Eugene Raymond Niemeyer b. 7-5-1941
20 Spruce Drive, Havre, Mont. 59501

a. Jeffrey Todd Niemeyer b. 6-16-1972

(5) Carol Jayne Storstad b. 12-12-1943 d. 8-18-1945
(6) Carolyn Jayne Storstad b. 10-29-1946

1m. Jerome John Padrnos b. 1-25-1947

2m. Ralph Tinjum b. 3-2-1948

       1811 - 22nd.Ave. So., Apt.l05, Grand Forks, ND 58201
a. Christopher Lee Tinjum b. 1-4-1976

(7) Keith David Storstad b. 6-7-1948 Farmer

m. Linda Hoverson b. 3-6-1952

Manvel, ND 58256

4.      Edward Julian Knudson b. 9-14-1909 d. 9-24-1910

5.      Elmyra Josephine Knudson b. 6-12-1911 Teacher - Retired
m. Raymond Edward Larson b. 11-21-1910 Teacher - Retired
4110 Cliff Dr., Everett, Wash. 98203

   (1) Dr. Duane Ramon Larson b. 8-14-1933 Radiologist
m. Sharon Jean Hogue b. 6-22-1940

244 Heather Rd., Everett, WN 98203

a.       Jill Elizabeth Larson b. 2-25-1963

b.       Todd Duane Larson b. 6-6-1964

c.  Anne Marie Larson b. 1-2-1968
(2) Dale Jerald Larson b. 6-11-1938

m. Myrna Delores Anderson b. 9-6-1940
o. Box 1104, Everett, WN 98201

a.       Dale Jerald Larson, Jr. b. 10-25-1961

b.       Melissa Delores Larson b. 9-19-1963

c.  Megan Anne Larson b. 3-28-1965
(3) David Jon Larson b. 3-3-1949

(4) Gayle DeAnne Larson b. 2-2-1951

m. Daniel Paul Millard b. 12-31-1950
Chehalis, Wash.

a. Jennifer Lynn Hillard b. 2-3-1977
 (5) Steven Douglas Larson b. 9-17-1952
     Medical Student, Washington, D. C. in 1977

6. Theodore Knudson b. 2-17-1913 d. 1-12-1951

m. Martha Morrison
Redwood City, Calif.

7. Clifford Owen Knudson b. 9-13-1914 Farmer
m. Adeline Mary Arneson b. 12-23-1915

RR, Manvel, ND 58256

(1) Robert Owen Knudson b. 2-26-1942 d. 8-5-1943
(2) Roger Owen Knudson b. 1-20-1945 Farmer

m. Doris Jean Ferguson b. 6-5-1948

RR, Manvel, ND 58256

a.       Tara Lynn Knudson

b.       Lance Owen Knudson

c.       Angela Jean Knudson






    (3) Mar1ys Ann Knudson b. 1-6-1946

        m. Francis James MUrphy b. 8-9-1941
        Manvel, ND 5'8256

a.      Brenna Rae Murphy b. 5-13-1969

b.      Bridget Ann Mlrphy b. 3-4-1971

c.      Carla Lynn Murphy b. 9-21-1972

d.     Jason Lee MUrphy b. 4-29-1974

e.      John MUrphy b. 9-16-1975

    (4) Ronald Edward Knudson b. 4-27-1948      Farmer

m. Sonja ReNae Nordrum b. 10-15-1949

RR, Manvel, ND 58256

a.      Tammy Christen Knudson b. 6-26-1968

b.      Todd Ronald Knudson b. 9-28-1970

c.      Amy Jo Knudson b. 8-9-1975

    (5) Donn Robert Knudson b. 11-2-1949     Farmer

m. Cathy Diane C1emetson b. 12-23-1954

RR, Manvel, ND 5825'6

a. Stacey Jean Knudson b. 3-4-1977



                    8. Julian Knudson b. 1-13-1916    Farm work

RR, Manvel, ND 58256


9.      Helen Knudson b. 11-7-1917

m. Lloyd Bennett Sorenson b. 10-4-1920 d. 1-2-1973
6670 Obispo Ave.E.,Apt.507, Long Beach, CA 90805

(1) Lloyd Bennett Sorenson, Jr., b.3-16-1943 Insurance Adjuster
m. Mary Jean Callahan b. 5'-21-1946

4393 Quigley Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713

a. Laura Jean Sorenson b. 8-13-1973 Adopted


10.      Joel Edward Knudson b. 8-31-1919 City Employee (Retired)
m. Velma Irene Gregory b. 10-22-1923

3402 Nassau, Everett, WN 98201

(1) Joel Edward Knudson, Jr. b. 11-13-1945 Graduate Student -

               Everett, WN                            Writer

  (2) Sharon Rose Knudson b. 2-21-1949 Key Punch Operator
Everett, WN

 (3) Judith Ann Knudson b. 5'-18-1950 Sa1es1aqy
m. Kenneth Larry Henry b. 1-3-1952 Cook
5019 80th St., N. E., Marysville, WN 98270

11.      Marian Edna Knudson b. 5'-11-1921

m. Gordon Hall Barnes b. 4-12-1921 Chrysler Corporation
1211 Stanley, Birmingham, Mich. 48009

(1) Linda Hall Barnes b. 8-21-1946

m. Jerome Spencer Goldstein b.11-22-1940 Bank Vice-Pres.
137 Meadowlark Lane, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

a.      Hyman Jacob Hall Goldstein b. 1-21-1974

b. Sarah Elaine Goldstein b. 7-20-1975
(2) Jayne Lynn Barnes b.11/10/1952

F.. Anne Vigen b. 1/1/1881 d. 7-22-1881 (her mother died giving birth to her)





(I) Tor Viki (Thor o. Vigen) b. Norway 1847 d. 1928 (See Page 2)

    2m. Torbjorg Evenson b. 10-9-1869 d. 5-12-1959

Byg1and Township, Fisher, MN.

A.    Ed Viking (Torbjorg's son - died in State of Michigan)

B.     Inga Vigen b. 3-4-1899 d. 4-26-1924

m. Thor Rois1and b. 5-15-1884 d. 1-9-1929 Farmer
Lived in Byg1and Township, Polk Co., Minnesota

1.      Angela Rois1and b. 3-15-1923 ) Operate seven McDonald
m, Irving C. Laviske b.9-9-1916) Hamburger Restaurants
14414 NE Beech, Portland, Oregon

(1) Stephen Michael Laviske b. 2-23-1952 Supervisor

(2) Oynthia Beth Laviske b. 10-15-1955 College Student





    C. Arne Vigen b. 12-10-1900

     m. Amelia Torgerson b. 8-19-1901

211  h Avewe N., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

        1. Aldene Vigen b. 7-2-1923

    m. Ervin J. Hegge b. 5-23-1917

         604 - 7th Ave. SE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721
(1) Ervin Allen Hegge b. 8-10-1947

       m. Inez Helga Forsberg b. 10-10-1948
       7435 17th Ave. S., Richfield, MN 55423

      (2) Ellen Annette Hegge b. 3-25-1968 Adopted
      (3) Julie Mae Hegge b. 4-11-1970 Adopted


2.     G1endowyn Vigen b. 12-10-1925
m. Chester Langei b. 2-16-1924

            812 - 70th Ave. SE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721
(1) Wayne Allen Langei b. 12-17-1946

            m, Kathy Raymond b. 12-3-1948

       1124 Puget St., Bellingham, WN 98225

a.      James Langei b. 5-31-1968

b.      Robert Langei b. 6-8-1971

      (2) Susan Langei b. 7-24-1948

1m. Ralph Kovar b. 3-15-1944 d. 4-3-1968
2m. Wayne C. Ostlund b. 11-27-1945

529 - 20th Avenue N., East Grand Forks, MN 56721
a. Lisa ~ Kovar b. 9-15-1968

 (3) Timmie Langei b. 1-14-1960

  (4) Kip Langei b. 4-3-1968

3.  Truman Vigen b. 1-8-1935

m. Elaine Anderson b. 8-31-1941 (Related to Kvasager's)
704 N. 2nd. St., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

(1) Trudy Suzanne Vigen b. 5-1-1959

(2) Truman Arde11 Vigen, Jr., b. 1-12_1961
(3) Lori ~ynne Vigen b. 3-15-1964

D.    Anna Vigen b. 1-10-1903

m. Randall Knutson b. 9-19-1893 Carpenter - Confectionery Store
2008 Shirley Ave., Augusta, GA 30904

1.     Russell Earl Knutson b. 5-15-1925 d. 10-13-1946 Diabetes

2.     Diane Marjorie Knutson b. 3-14-1928

      Lm, Mr. Eaton 2m. Izyn Cook    Florist Shop

1419 W. Maunwe, Adrian, Mich. 49221

(1) Kathryn Ann Eaton b. 9-1-1948 Piano Teacher-Computor

          m,  Mr. Piner - Divorced              Programmer

3047 Kipling, Berkeley, Mich. 48072

a. Timmie Piner b. 2-28-1966

(2) Karen Diane Eaton b. 8-12-1950

Single, lives in Florida - Manufactures candles
(3) Kris Elizabeth Eaton b. 1-4-1953

m. Mr. Roden works for stock broker, Washington, D. c.
(4) Kim Eaton b. 4-12-1955

m,  David Huddle - Air Force, Stationed in England
a. Christopher David Huddle 2 yrs. old in 1977

3.     William Kenyon Knutson b.1-24-1934 Store Mgr., now with Dupont Corp.

     m. Mary Elizabeth? b. 5-31-1936 Dept. store Division Mgr.

713 Fleetwood Dr., N. Augusta, S. C. 29881

(1) Patricia Ann Knutson b. 2-14-7 Employed Dixie Radio

         m,  Gary Franklin b. 7   Welder

713 Fleetwood Dr., N. Augusta, S. C. 29881

a. Kim Lynne Franklin b. 11-29-1911

(2) William Kenyon Knutson, Jr. b. 4-15-1956 Ar11zy' in 1917
(3) Elaine Susan Knutson b. 2-25-1959 Student

(4) Robyn Michiele Knutson b. 10-10.1966 Student


E.     John Vigen b. 11-15-1904 d. 10-12-1976 Restaurant Owner
m. Mamie Ida Johnson b. 10-25-1908

3523 E. Monterosa, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018

F.      Jolja (Julia) Vigen b. 3-4-1907 d. 12-3-1918

G.    Theodore Vigen b. 12-18-1908 d. 5-1-1947 Blue baby

H.    Bella Vigen b. 2-28-1911
1m, Aslak (Al) Sorenson
2m. Knute Boe

3m. William Wallace Lee b. 3-5-1908
1870 Granada
Dr., Concord, CA 94520

1.      Donna Sorenson b. 10-3-1

            m. Bill Lambert Deceased

(1) Sharen Lambert b. 6-23-?
(2) Jean Lambert b. 5-12-1
(3) Kathy Lambert b. 8-16-?

2.      Richard Allen Sorenson Deceased

3.      Wallace Sorenson b. 7-25-1933
m. Helen Mathiss

Fairfield, CA

(1) Sharen Maria Sorenson b. 1-20-1957
(2) Shandra Sorenson

(3) Rebecca Sorenson

4.      Gladys Irene Boe b. 3-17-1937
m. Maylan Ashby b. 9-25-1934
957 Oak St., Brentwood,
CA 94513

(1) John Wallace Ashby b. 9-10-1956
(2)  Torbjor Lynn Ashby b. 7-30-1959
(3) Kirk Bennett Ashby b. 9-5-1961
(4) Wendy Irene Ashby b. 4-8-1964

         5.Gordon Lee Boe b. 9-23-1943    Navy

         6.Wallace William Lee, Jr. b. 3-3-1949 Killed in car accident

         7.Nancy Ann Lee b. 8-10-1950
                           m , Richard Nutt

Almond Ct., Concord, CA

           (1)Necole Mechille Nutt b. 2-18-1973


(II) Joronn Viki b.Norway 1849 d. Norway (Sister to my grandfather)
(III) Svalaug Viki b.Norway 1852 d. 1937 Burned in fire accident

m, Knute Torjuson b. about 1860 d. 1913 TB

Farmed in Bygland Twp., Polk Co., Minnesota

A.     Torjus Torgerson b. 1884 d. 7-4-1951 Car accident
Single - lived in Bygland Twp.

B.     Ole Torgerson b. 1886 d. 1909 TB

C.    Torbjor Torgerson b. Sod house, Leeds, ND 2-17-1888 d.6-10-1959
m. Gunder Jorgenson Preceded wife in death

Lime Springs, Iowa (Lived on Minnesota farm near Iowa)

1.      Ole Jorgenson - married
Rochester, Minn.

2.      Clarence Jorgenson - married
Spring Valley, Minn.

3.     Sylvia Jorgenson
m. Archie Hebig

4.      Selma Jorgenson

m. Harlan Schopper, Preston, Minn.

            (1) David     (2) Pame La

50 Vernon Jorgenson - lives in a home

D.    Jorund (Julia) Torgerson b. about 1894
m. Gorman V. Morgen

Minneapolis, Minn.

E.     Gunder Torgerson b. about 1895 d. about age 7-Scarlet Fever






     F. Gunder Torgerson b. Bygland Twp. 1-6-1897 Farmer-Musician
m,  Sarah Virkus b. Greenbush, MN 11-13-1902

     423 7th Ave. S., East Grand Forks, MN 56721

1.      Elinor Henrietta Torgerson b. 5-16-1925

1m. Andreas Stalimo Deceased - Car accident
Glenn Johnson

Rolla, ND - Operates 1600 acre farm

(1)   Sharon Stalimo - Works in Jewel Plant

m, Wilfred Lafrance - Trucker

Rolla, ND

a. Sheila Marie LaFrance b. 4-18-1970
(2) Jarrold Johnson b. 10-28-1956

(3) Karen Lavonne Johnson b. 11-5-1958
(4) Bruce Johnson b. 6-24-1961

        2.Alfred Earl Torgerson b. 4-27-1929 Boeing Aircraft Co.
           m. Kay Kvale 1054 Walnut, Edmonds, WN 98020
           (1) Sonja Torgerson

m,  Walter Moore

Edmonds, WN

(2) Mark Torgerson

(3) Paul Torgerson

(4) Erik Torgerson - Attending High School in 1977

3.     Richel Howard Torgerson b. 2-19-1934
m. Betty Marks

Adams, Wis.

(1) Jeffrey Torgerson b. 9-22-1961

        4. David Earl Torgerson b. 9-6-1940 Electronic work
           Temporarily residing at home (April 1977)-Fornerly California
    G. Arne Torgerson b. about 1899 - Died as an infant


(IV) Torjus Viki b. Norway 1855 d. Norway ?

m. Margit Kjetilsdotter Amli b. Norway 1847 d. Norway ?

A.    Joronn Viki b. Norway 188)

B.      Olav Viki b. Norway 1885 d. Norway ?

       m. Torbjorg Niklasdotter Hegland b. Norway 1891 d.Norway 1974
(She was a cousin of the late Dr. John Arneberg of Grand
Forks, N. Oak. My
wife, Ina, is also related to the Hegland's and the Arneberg's).

1.      Margit Viki b. Norway 1912

                 m,  Ani Rysstad - They live in Setesdal, Norway
(1) Ani Anundson Rysstad

2. Torjus Viki b. Norway 1914

(Single, lived with mother on home farm in Norway at the
time we visited him in Norway in 1972. He has since moved
to a new location where he owns and operates some rental
summer homes).

3.      Gro Viki b. Norway 1916

4.     Sigrid Viki b. Norway 1919
m , Sigurd Helle

5.      Birgit Viki b. Norway 1921

           m. Arne Tveiten - They live in Setesdal,, Norway
(1) Olav Torfinn Tveiten

                   m,  Astrid Hjemdal

            Hamreheia 84, 4600 Kristiansand, Norway

6.      Olav Viki b. Norway 1923

7.      Joronn Viki b. Norway 1929





c.       Toni Viki b. 2-13-1888 d. 3-25-1963 My Mother’s Cousin, Farmer
m. Knut Johnson b. 1877 d. 9-17-1948
Byg1and Twp., Polk Co., Minne sota

1.      Marie Johnson b. 3-17-1911 Bank Employee
m. Alfred Purcell - Divorced

     2860 Creston Ave., Bronx, New York City, NY 10468
(1) Alfred Purcell, Jr. - Married ?

(2) Richard Purcell

(3) Frances Purcell - Married, name of spouse not available

(4) Cynthia Purcell - II


    2. Mina Johnson b. 8-20-1912
      1m. Kenneth Schultze

2m. Arnold Swanson
Saint Paul, Minn.

(1) Kenneth Schultze
(2) Theresa Schultze
(3) Nina Swanson

(4) Frankie Swanson
(5) Darrell Swanson

                (6)      ?

3.      Tideman Johnson b. 1-23-1914 d. 2-16-1933 Rheumatic Fever

4.      Elmer Johnson b. 9-5-1915 Farmer-Construction worker
m. Alice Helen Franklin b.K1oten,ND 11-26-1918

Bygland Twp., RR 1, East Grand Forks, MN 56721

     (1) Eugene Allen Johnson b. 4-26-1943 Traffic Mgr., Concrete,Inc,
m. Kathryn Adele Kvasager b. 12-12-1947

1914 - 20th St. S., Grand Forks, N. Dak.

After July 1, 1977: Thompson, N. Dak.

a.       Kimberly Ann Johnson b. 8-19-1967

b.Steven Jeffrey Johnson b. 5-22-1971
(2) Patricia Lou Johnson b. 7-4-1944

m. Melvin Gerald Hanson b. 2-2-1943 Bldg. Contractor
5291 Crest Ave., Riverside, CA 92503

a.       Robert Allen Hanson age 11 in 1977

b.Bradley Dean Hanson age 8 in 1977
(3) Trudy Ann Johnson b. 11-18-1947

m. Gerald Mack b. 6-5-1947

5572 Nevada Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92647

a.       Jody Ann Mack b. 9-29-1968

b.Sherrie Sue Mack b. 1-31-1973
(4) Kathy Sue Johnson b. 4-9-1953

m. Curtis Haug b. 11-23-1952 Farmer
RR, Fisher, Minn.

5.      Selma Johnson b. 11-1-1920 d. age 25 TB
Chicago, Ill. - Factory worker - Single

6.      Alice Bernice Johnson b. 11-23-1926 d. 4-10-1977
m. Stanton Nes1and

     RR 1, Thompson, N. Dak.
(1) Larry Wayne Nesland

m. Terry Copp - Divorced
Thompson, N. Dak.

a. Nicole Nesland

      (2) Debra ReNae Nesland b. 10-1-1952
RR 1, Thompson, N. Dak.

- 0 –


(V) Sigrid Viki B. Norway 1862 d. Norway  (Sister to my grandfather)
(VI) Arne Viki - Never came to America - He was a shoemaker.

Single -We visited the farm in Norway where he had lived.

III. Taral Vollen b. Norway about 1820 (Brother to My great-grandfather)
Married and had children - lived on farm in Rysstad, Setesdal, Norway.


IV. Father of the following was a brother to Taral Vollen - name not known
(I) Halvor Opstad - Went to America

    (II) Tor Torjeison Opstad Rysstad - lived in Norway
m. Name of wife not obtained

A. John Torreson Rysstad b. about 1890. Sylvsmed (Silversmith)
   Single - we visited him in Norway in 1972. He lives alone
   in a nice five room modern house. The jewelry he makes is
   sold to shops in Oslo, Norway.

         B. Olaf T. Rysstad b. Norway 1893 D. Bemidji, MN 1968

            Lived in Bemidji, MN most of his adult life - Single.

We did not know him in Bemidji but we have visited
the cemetery where he is buried.







I. Amund Svendsen Moi - Norway     (My great-grandfather)

m.    Eli Osovsdotter

     (I) Osso Moi b. Norway d. America

Single - lived in BYg1and Twp., MN

    (II) Sigrid Moi b. Norway - Probably did not come to America
rn. Torre Lovdah1

A.    Omund Lovdah1 b. Norway 6-27-1854 d. 9-17-1942

m, Gunhi1d Austad b. 11-12-1858 d. 5-10-1902 (Also my wife's relative)
Lived and farmed in Byg1and Twp., Minn.

1.      Sigrid Lovdahl b. 6-23-1883 died, age 3 yrs.

2.      Torre Lovdahl b. 1-30-1884 d. 9-5-1910

3.      Sarah Lovdah1 b. 9-21-1887 d. 9-23-1968
m. Gust Anenson b. 7-13-1884 d. 2-1-1947

Lived in Little Fork & Fisher, MN and Grand Forks, ND

(1)    Ruby Anenson b. 11-7-1919 Office work-First Nat. Bank
211 Walnut St., Grand Forks, ND 58201

(2) Olaf Anenson b. 4-21-1922 d. 4-24-1922

4.      Margit Lovdahl b. 9-8-1891

211 Walnut st., Grand Forks, ND 58201

5.      Signa Lovdahl b. 4-13-1895 -., d. 4-28-1912

6.      Annie Lovdah1 b. 11-14-1900

m. Herman Sondrea1 b. 5-16-1907 d. 1967
422 S. 6th St., Grand Forks, ND 58201

B.    Sigrid Lauvda1 (Lovdahl.) b. Norway - never came to America
m, Olav Skomeda1 b. Norway - never came to America

1.      Sigrid Skomeda1 b. 10-30-1898
m, Gunni Lien b. 1900

Grovane st., Setesda1, Norway

2.      Olav Skomedal

m. Bergit Vo11en

Vennes1a, Setesda1, Norway

3.      Anne Skomeda1

   m. Sveinung Hovstad
   Grendi, Setesda1, Norway
4. Eli Skomeda1

m. Nik1os Sagemo

Byg1and, Setesda1, Norway

5.      Sigurd Skomeda1
m, ?

Evje, Setesda1, Norway

6.       Oround Skomedal - Single
Skomeda1, Setesda1, Norway

7.      Torre (Tom) Skomeda1

                                    m,      ?

Vancouver, B. C., Canada

8.      Osmund Olson (formerly Skomedal)

m. Helen Selmanson b. 4-30-1917 (Related to Kvasager-Knutson's)
619 8th Ave. S., Grand Forks, ND 58201

(1) Sonia Ann Olson b. 3-7-1953

   (III) Anne Amundsdotter Moi b. Norway 5-24-1846 d. America 1-3-1881_My Grandmother

  m. Thor Olsen Vigen b. Norway 1847 d. 1928
  Lived and farmed in Byg1and Twp., Polk Co., Minn.

E. Jorund (Julia) Vigen - My mother (see Page 8 for further listing)





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