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Thanks to Pam Aaknus who put together the first version of this page. Be sure to click on each picture to see a larger and better photo, then click back on your browser to return to this page. The text is by Ed Knudson. There is much more detailed information on the Andcestors Page.
Edward Knudson and Julia Vigen Knudson. Clarence Knudson's parents. Clarence is the father of Jean Thompson, Diane Easton, Ed Knudson and Curt Knudson. He grew up on a farm near Manvel, North Dakota. Edward Knudson was a farmer there.
Clarence Knudson and Ina Quammen. This is their wedding photo. Clarence grew up on a farm north of Grand Forks in Manvel, North Dakota. Ina grew up on a farm south of Grand Forks near Reynolds, North Dakota. Clarence and Ina, my parents, are the great grandparents of my own grandchildren, Brayden and Jakob Buchanan and Sofia and Mickie Wilkinson.
Clarence and Ina Knudson. This photo was taken in the 1950s. They lived at 1402 Chestnut Street in Grand Forks for many years. This is where Jean, Diane, Ed, and Curt grew up. In 1953 they moved to St. Paul, Minnesota for two years, then to Fargo, North Dakota for three years, and then to Minneapolis, Minnesota where Ed and Curt graduated from Roosevelt High School. Later they moved back to Grand Forks. Clarence worked for the Post Office.
Lars Quammen and Margit Hegland Quammen. These are Ina Knudson's parents who lived near Reyonlds, North Dakota. They are here with Diane, Ed and Jean. This picture was taken just outside the hedge in front of their farm home. Notice the house in the background.
Ina's Mother and Grandmother. In this photo are (from left to right) Signe, Anne Lovdahl, Margit (Ina's mother, holding Jean), Ina, Signe Olsdatter Austad-Hegland (Margit's mother), and Asbjor (Margit's sister; Signe's mother).

Signe, on the left, we knew as Sig Dutt and lived in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. The story is told that Clarence originally dated Sig and through her met Ina.

My mother, Ina, was very dedicated to her family. She cared for Aunt Asbjor, her mother's sister, for example, in our home in Grand Forks when she was very ill.

Ina with her grandmother Hegland. Ina's grandmother is Signe Olsdatter Austad-Hegland (see photo above). Notice she is reading a book. This was taken, maybe, at the Hegland farm which was a mile east of the farm where Ina grew up.
Knut and Signe Hegland. These are my great grandparents, the parents of my grandmother, Margit Quammen, who lived on that farm a mile east of where my mother grew up, Bentru Township. Margit told me one time when I was working on the farm one summer that Knut was not quite right; he had been kicked in the stomach by a horse.
Ina's Mother with Her Brother. Here is Ina's mother, Margit Hegland Quammen, with Margit's brother, Ole Hegland, in 1962.
The Knudson Kids with their Grandmother. Here are my siblings: Diane Knudson Easton (12), Margit Quammen (grandmother), Jean Knudson Danner(14), Curt (3), and me, Ed (6). This is taken in 1947 in front of the house at 1402 Chestnut Street in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
The Four Knudson Children. Here are my adult siblings from left to right: Curt, myself, Diane and Jean. This is taken at the beach cabin Ed and Linda then owned in Manzanita, Oregon, on the Pacific ocean. In the picture is our dog, Pelo.

See the Family Tree Page for individual pictures and the children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren of the four of us.

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